Abandoned School, Monkstown Farm (Dublin, Ireland)

This abandoned school was around the corner from my friend’s house and was so hidden, I only noticed it recently. The two of us popped in for a look around one day and had a bit of an adventure. Access was very easy as the school is tucked away in a residential area that’s known for antisocial behaviour so there isn’t any security around the area.

All of the school buildings had been set on fire by the locals and we found out on our way out of the site, that the locals were using it as their territory spot. We were met on our walk out by a group of boys of mixed ages who were not happy at all that we were there. They asked us the usual questions, “Do you have a spare smoke?”, “What are you doing here?” etc. We knew it was time to leave so we allowed ourselves to be very closely escorted out of the premises by the group of kids.