October 3, 2023

8 thoughts on “Abandoned Notre Dame Zoo, Sydney, Australia

  1. Such a special and exclusive area. I explored this place a few months ago and got access the same way you did. (That almost 4km walk there and back killed me!) spose you didn’t get inside the mansion itself? Surprisingly I managed to find an unlocked door. The furniture left inside was fkn incredible. Taxidermy everywhere too!

  2. This is sooooo cool…..just makes me want to buy it and then restore it to exactly house it looked at its peak ! So sad it is just sittign there wasting away….foreign owned and then once the land is worth a ka’jillion dollars, they’ll bulldoze the lot and put a shitty new housing estate in there and this history will be lost. Truly horrible.

  3. Back in the 80’s I worked with the man who designed the main residence for Margolin. His name was Bob Stapleton, a local builder and he like many others sadly suffered at the hands of Margolin who refused to pay Bob the agreed amount for his services. Consequently, this had a profound effect on Bob and he never recovered mentally from this betrayal. Bob Stapleton was yet another unfortunate victim of Margolin’s dubious dealings.

  4. sandi and rob madin worked at notre dame as caretakers for a few years,loved it. think we were the last ones to work there

  5. If it ever refurbished, count on me to help. I am in awe, I have never seen it but I think of little else
    but that it could be beautiful again and used as a hi end hotel. New owners take note. People care about the property.

  6. This was a lovely house n property went there with my dad when he worked several times there replacing glass windows he knew the gentleman when i was newly married took my wife there the gentleman there n my wife got on well . It was and still a beautiful property the animals .were lovely n the inside of the house was amazing its sad that it closed down.love to work there even to do general cleaning now im 63 but still remember this beautiful place and elcabello blanco which was just around corner from my place thank you for the memories

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