October 3, 2023

Abandoned Buildings in Sydney, Australia

Abandoned Buildings in Sydney for Urbex

Sydney, Australia is a great city for urbex adventures and exploring abandoned buildings with your camera. In addition, the police don’t seem to mind people urban exploring as much as the Westies do. So, if you’re based in Sydney, Western Australia, and can’t deny your need for adventure, pack your bag and head out to some of the abandoned places in Sydney listed below!

Check out the list of buildings below and don’t forget to check out our urbex safety guide to ensure you stay safe and get the most out of your urbexing adventures.

Sydney Urbex | Explore Abandoned Buildings in NSW, Australia

Abandoned Callan Park Mental Asylum, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Abandoned Notre Dame Zoo, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Abandoned Macquarie Boys’ Technology High School, Sydney, Australia

Abandoned Balmain Tigers League Club, Sydney, Australia

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