October 3, 2023

Australia Urbex

Abandoned Buildings in Australia for Urbex

Despite it’s young age, Australia has a surprisingly large amount of abandoned buildings that urban explorers can discover and photograph. However, be aware that the laws are quite strict around trespassing in Australia so be careful.

For example, during the first six months I started urbexing in Perth, I was getting constant emails, calls and even visits from security personnel and moreso, the WA police.

One of those visits was from the Western Australia Homicide Police Force who thought it was ok to casually rock up to my workplace just to ask me to remove the photos of the abandoned Claremont serial killer’s home (Bradley Edwards).

Inside the Claremont Serial Killer’s Abandoned House, Perth, Australia

The bottom line is, if you’re an urbex photographer in Australia, be very careful about the photos you post online. Urbex is looked at veeerrrry differently by Aussies compared to in Asia and Europe.

Where Can You Urbex in Australia?

There are lots of great abandoned places in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne, for those looking for a new urbex spot to photograph in Australia. Feel free to click on one of the links below to view photo galleries, read historical research, and get inspiration for where to explore next.

Abandoned Buildings in Sydney for Urbex

Abandoned Balmain Tigers League Club, Sydney, Australia

Abandoned Buildings in Brisbane for Urbex

Abandoned Broadway Hotel, Brisbane, Australia
Abandoned Buildings in Perth for Urbex
Abandoned Soap Factory Tunnel, Perth, Western Australia
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