Abandoned Bowling Club, Western Australia

The History The youth centre, completed in July 1977, was constructed to replace the previous youth centre destroyed by Cyclone Joan in 1975. The construction and operation of the recreation centre relied heavily on community support and participation, with an initial committee formed to carry out the construction and operation [project, including shire representatives, the … Continue reading Abandoned Bowling Club, Western Australia

Abandoned Aboriginal Lock Hospital, Abandoned World Photography

Abandoned Aboriginal Port Hedland Lock Hospital, WA

The abandoned Port Hedland Lock Hospital, WA, was built to house Aboriginal people suspected — often wrongly — of having venereal diseases 100 years ago. Many people were born on the site and even more died and were buried in unmarked graves onsite. From 1907 to 1919, over 1000 Aboriginal men and women suspected of … Continue reading Abandoned Aboriginal Port Hedland Lock Hospital, WA

Abandoned Batman Nightclub in Thailand | Abandoned World Photography

Abandoned Batman Nightclub, Thailand

During its mere 18 months of operation beginning in 1994, the Batman Nightclub in Pattaya, Thailand was a significant hotspot for locals, tourists, underage drinkers and pimps. The lower level hosted the main Batman stage, which is now completely submerged in metres of water. The upper levels were used primarily for escort and VIP services, … Continue reading Abandoned Batman Nightclub, Thailand

Abandoned Plane Graveyard, Thailand | Abandoned World Photography

Abandoned Planes in Bangkok

My flight from Bangkok to Ireland was delayed by 18 hours, so of course I took the opportunity to do a bit of exploring. But instead of photographing an abandoned building, this time I was after a double-decker Boeing 747 plane. I found the site easily and discovered three Thai families were living in dicrepit … Continue reading Abandoned Planes in Bangkok

Abandoned Lideco Bắc 32 Mansions, Hanoi

Towering brick buildings, thin staircases and stone floors covered in algae represent the failed mansion project that was once supposed to house the elite in Hanoi. The ghost town of Lideco Bắc 32 is to date, the largest abandoned site I’ve ever seen. Between 2008 and 2013, the bare bones of 650 French-style mansions were … Continue reading Abandoned Lideco Bắc 32 Mansions, Hanoi

Urbex on the Hai Van Pass, Vietnam

While riding the 21km Hai Van Pass road, through the Truong Son Mountains in Vietnam, I came across two abandoned buildings. The first was the Hai Van watch tower, a military structure built by the Nguyen dynasty on the top of Hai Van pass in 1862 to protect the imperial city of Hue and supervise activities in … Continue reading Urbex on the Hai Van Pass, Vietnam

Abandoned Franciscan Mission Ruins, Dalat, Vietnam

The stunning Franciscaines Misionnaires de Marie ruins caught my eye when I was driving around Dalat on the back of a motorbike. An urban explorer always spots an abandoned building from far away! As I wasn't sure about the safety of heading into abandoned buildings in Vietnam alone, I hired a bike and an English … Continue reading Abandoned Franciscan Mission Ruins, Dalat, Vietnam