Abandoned Wolston Park Hospital, Brisbane, Australia

"There are rapists and murderers walking around here, you better leave", said the policeman as I removed my head from under the wire fence that surrounds Australia’s oldest mental asylum, the abandoned Wolston Park Hospital. On the same day that I photographed the abandoned Broadway Hotel in Brisbane, I nearly managed to find a way … Continue reading Abandoned Wolston Park Hospital, Brisbane, Australia

Callan Park Mental Asylum, Sydney

Site Name: Callan Park Mental Asylum, Sydney Site Establishment: 1885 Site Size: 104.5 acres The abandoned Callan Park Mental Asylum was one the most challenging sites I've ever explored alone. It was extremely hard to gain access and when I managed to get into two buildings, the spooky silence and eeriness nearly had me running … Continue reading Callan Park Mental Asylum, Sydney

Abandoned Harperbury Hospital, Radlett (UK) – Derelict World Photography - Lainey Quinn

Derelict Harperbury Hospital, Radlett (UK)

The derelict Harperbury Hospital in Radlett (UK) used to be a mental health and learning disabilities hospital built on the remains of World War 1 hangers. It was first opened in 1928 and started becoming derelict in the early 2000's. I visited this site back in 2017 and it was one of the best explorations … Continue reading Derelict Harperbury Hospital, Radlett (UK)

Abandoned Portrane Mental Asylum, Co Dublin (Ireland)– Derelict World Photography - Lainey Quinn

Derelict Portrane Mental Asylum, Co Dublin (Ireland)

This is one of the most challenging sites I have explored on my own. I knew security would be very high here, so I opted for a back entrance in. This meant using Google Maps to navigate through several overgrown football pitches and through very creepy woods until I came across small derelict buildings that … Continue reading Derelict Portrane Mental Asylum, Co Dublin (Ireland)

Lainey Quinn in the Abandoned Grangegorman Mental Asylum, Abandoned World Photography

Grangegorman Mental Asylum, Dublin (Ireland)

Date established: 1814 Number of patients: Over 2,000 Size: 30 hectares Status: Demolished Grangegorman Mental Asylum (otherwise known as Richmond Asylum) was part of St. Brendan's Hospital, a psychiatric facility located in Co Dublin, Ireland. Interestingly, it was Ireland’s first ever public psychiatric hospital and it was my first "abandoned building" experience. The site was … Continue reading Grangegorman Mental Asylum, Dublin (Ireland)