Abandoned Bowling Club, Western Australia

The History The youth centre, completed in July 1977, was constructed to replace the previous youth centre destroyed by Cyclone Joan in 1975. The construction and operation of the recreation centre relied heavily on community support and participation, with an initial committee formed to carry out the construction and operation [project, including shire representatives, the … Continue reading Abandoned Bowling Club, Western Australia

Abandoned Balmain Tigers League Club

Abandoned Balmain Tigers Leagues Club, Sydney

Site: Balmain Tigers League Club Value: $22million The Balmain Tigers League Club was built in 1957 for its die-hard fans. The building now sits abandoned, open to many squatters and is in very bad condition. In one of the rooms, there is about 7 dirty mattresses lying in a row from one end of the … Continue reading Abandoned Balmain Tigers Leagues Club, Sydney