October 3, 2023

Ireland Urbex

Abandoned Buildings in Ireland for Urbex

Irish history dates back centuries ago and the abandoned buildings still lying scattered around the country are a testament to the struggles and achievements endured since the 18th Century.

Urban explorers in Ireland should pay serious attention to “No Trespassing” and other hazard signs when urbexing in Ireland. Due to the lengthy history that is usually attached these decaying, heritage buildings, expect to find extreme levels of disrepair and structural instability.

Remember, safety is paramount so don’t forget to check out our 15 golden rules of urbex.

Where Can You Urbex in Ireland?

There are lots of great abandoned places in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Wicklow and other Irish counties, for those looking for a new urbex spot to photograph in Ireland. Feel free to click on one of the links below to view photo galleries, read historical research, and get inspiration for where to explore next.

Best Abandoned Buildings in Dublin for Urbex

Abandoned 1916 Boland’s Flour Mill, Dublin, Ireland

Best Abandoned Buildings in Cork for Urbex

The Abandoned Heatherside Hospital, County Cork, Ireland
Best Abandoned Buildings in Galway for Urbex
St. Brigid's Hospital Asylum, County Galway, Ireland
Best Abandoned Buildings in Kerry for Urbex
Abandoned Gothic Castle, County Kerry, Ireland

Best Abandoned Buildings in Louth for Urbex

Abandoned Táin Village Holiday Park, County Louth, Ireland
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