Abandoned War Bunkers, Vietnam

I wasn't familiar with the urban exploring scene in Vietnam before I landed in Ho Chi Minh, but after doing a Google search, I quickly learned about the abandoned war bunkers at the Cu Chi Tunnels. Exploring underground abandoned places is not typically my thing, probably because the opportunity has never arisen. But when I … Continue reading Abandoned War Bunkers, Vietnam

[Updated] Notre Dame Zoo, Australia

Update: This property is no longer abandoned. Please REFRAIN from visiting Notre Dame Zoo (Australia) immediately. I have been contacted by a woman who is currently living onsite, who said that many people are visiting the zoo on a daily/weekly basis, many mentioning my website. There is a small boy living onsite who has a … Continue reading [Updated] Notre Dame Zoo, Australia

Abandoned Wolston Park Hospital, Brisbane, Australia

"There are rapists and murderers walking around here, you better leave", said the policeman as I removed my head from under the wire fence that surrounds Australia’s oldest mental asylum, the abandoned Wolston Park Hospital. On the same day that I photographed the abandoned Broadway Hotel in Brisbane, I nearly managed to find a way … Continue reading Abandoned Wolston Park Hospital, Brisbane, Australia

Why I Love Exploring and Taking Photographs of Abandoned Buildings

One question I get asked all the time is, “why do you like exploring and photographing abandoned buildings?”. 7 years on, the answer is always the same and I want to share it with you guys. In this blog, I will explain why it’s my favourite hobby and hopefully inspire others to take it up … Continue reading Why I Love Exploring and Taking Photographs of Abandoned Buildings

Abandoned Broadway Hotel, Brisbane

The abandoned Broadway Hotel in Brisbane has been protected by the Queensland Heritage Register since 1992, but sadly, not from arsonists, graffiti artists or squatters. The building has been destroyed by three fires and much of the structure, walls and ceilings are totally dilapidated. The ground floor is still mostly intact whereas the upper floor … Continue reading Abandoned Broadway Hotel, Brisbane

Abandoned Balmain Tigers League Club

Abandoned Balmain Tigers Leagues Club, Sydney

Site: Balmain Tigers League Club Value: $22million The Balmain Tigers League Club was built in 1957 for its die-hard fans. The building now sits abandoned, open to many squatters and is in very bad condition. In one of the rooms, there is about 7 dirty mattresses lying in a row from one end of the … Continue reading Abandoned Balmain Tigers Leagues Club, Sydney

S-21 Torture Prison, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

I visited Cambodia recently and during my trip I visited an abandoned torture prison, formerly known as S-21. The site used to be a school but 50 years ago was overtaken by a Cambodian Communist party, the Khmer Rouge. From 1975 – 1979, they waged a bloody war on the civilians of Cambodia and murdered … Continue reading S-21 Torture Prison, Phnom Penh, Cambodia