Abandoned Batman Nightclub, Thailand

During its mere 18 months of operation beginning in 1994, the Batman Nightclub in Pattaya, Thailand was a significant hotspot for locals, tourists, underage drinkers and pimps. The lower level hosted the main Batman stage, which is now completely submerged in metres of water. The upper levels were used primarily for escort and VIP services, … Continue reading Abandoned Batman Nightclub, Thailand

Abandoned Planes in Bangkok

My flight from Bangkok to Ireland was delayed by 18 hours, so of course I took the opportunity to do a bit of exploring. But instead of photographing an abandoned building, this time I was after a double-decker Boeing 747 plane. I found the site easily and discovered three Thai families were living in dicrepit … Continue reading Abandoned Planes in Bangkok

Abandoned Lideco Bắc 32 Mansions, Hanoi

Towering brick buildings, thin staircases and stone floors covered in algae represent the failed mansion project that was once supposed to house the elite in Hanoi. The ghost town of Lideco Bắc 32 is to date, the largest abandoned site I’ve ever seen. Between 2008 and 2013, the bare bones of 650 French-style mansions were … Continue reading Abandoned Lideco Bắc 32 Mansions, Hanoi

Abandoned House, Enniskerry (Ireland) - Derelict World Photography - Lainey Quinn

Derelict House, Enniskerry.

I usually have a rule that I never go into an abandoned house but I broke that when I went away for a weekend to Enniskerry. I saw this derelict building on the side of the road, door wide open, so I let my curiosity get the better of me. In I went, to a … Continue reading Derelict House, Enniskerry.

Derelict Windgate Farm, Co. Wicklow, Ireland – Derelict World Photography - Lainey Quinn

Derelict Windgate Farm, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

This site was pretty cool, but it was small considering a lot of rooms were inaccessible due to flooding. The buildings that were open and derelict, were all being actively used by squatters it seemed and the amount of rubbish and graffiti implied there was a lot of drugs/drinking going on here too. Overall, it … Continue reading Derelict Windgate Farm, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Abandoned Farmhouse, Co. Wexford

I stumbled on this derelict farmhouse in County Wexford, Ireland one day as I was going for a Summer stroll. Sometimes, the best explorations are buildings you find spontaneously. There were a good few abandoned structures here but most of which were completely boarded up. The areas I did manage to get in to were … Continue reading Abandoned Farmhouse, Co. Wexford

Derelict Clancy Barracks, Dublin (Ireland) – Derelict World Photography - Lainey Quinn

Abandoned Military Clancy Barracks, Dublin (Ireland)

The Clancy Barracks date from about 1857 and have had a long connection with artillery, cavalry, and ordnance. They have been associated with various military events including the Crimean War, the Boer War, World War 1, and the 1916 rising. The site is now being used for various film and TV show sets, most notably … Continue reading Abandoned Military Clancy Barracks, Dublin (Ireland)