October 3, 2023

Urbex Shop

Welcome to the Abandoned World Photography Urbex Shop

At Abandoned World Photography, we want to give urban explorers the chance to wear high-quality, trendy, and affordable urbex clothing gear all year round!

Urbex Clothes for Ladies and Men

The sun is shining and you’re going urbexing, what do you wear?

When it comes to the ideal urbex clothing, you want something that’s well-fitting but not too tight. You need to be able to climb walls and scale gates comfortably and not feel like your clothes are restricting you.

That’s why we hand-selected the best quality of t-shirts made from 100% ringspun cotton – the perfect combination for super soft, flexible material!

NEW FEATURED COLLECTION: Urbex Australia Clothing

Exploring abandoned buildings in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Darwin has become more popular over the past few years. And even though Australia is still a young country, there are plenty of abandoned spots to visit and enjoy without getting hassled by security.

This collection of colourful urbex t-shirts was created for the ever-growing community of urban exploration fans who seek the thrill of exploring abandoned buildings in Australia. There are several colour variations and sizes available so there’s something to suit everyone!

Available in the following variations: 

  • Black with Green or Yellow or Pink
  • Grey with Green or Yellow or Pink
  • Navy with Yellow or Pink

NEW COLLECTION: Black and Yellow Urbex Symbol T-Shirts

NEW COLLECTION: Plain Urbex T-Shirts

Neon Wolf Abandoned World Photography T-Shirts

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